Over the last year our outdoor space has become more important than ever, and no one knows this better that the UK’s leading supplier of garden décor, Primus. A surge in appreciation for our gardens has encouraged many to renovate their gardens, yards and patios into an oasis all of their own.From patio pubs to backyard cocktail bars, a recent survey from Made.com showed that searches for garden bars rocketed by 122% over the last 12 months!


But it’s not just the trend for DIY garden bar spaces that is through the roof, we are also seeing people creating exercise areas and play spaces for children to unwind in after the pressures of home schooling and altered curriculums.

As we emerge from the pandemic, our love affair with our new garden, balcony and backyard spaces continues. People have invested more money and effort than ever in making their outdoor spaces a haven, using spending previously reserved for holidays, leisure and shopping to cultivate their new relaxation zones.


Steve Perry, head of marketing at the UK’s leading supplier of garden décor Primus, said: “Embracing our outdoor space has certainly been put to the top of the agenda for many over the past 12 months, and it is great to see the surge in demand of both DIY products and garden décor with many people turning their hand to gardening now to make the very best of their green space.


“There is a big trend for 2021 that looks at ‘taking the inside, outside’ and so many items often only found indoors such as mirrors and decorative wall art are now being used in gardens to add character and warmth to dining and seated areas.”


Al fresco offices have also been growing in popularity, with working outdoors helping us to ease the stresses of the pandemic and endless Zoom calls, whilst providing those all-important doses of fresh air and Vitamin D.


Imagination has no bounds when creating outdoor relaxation getaways, from tropical Tiki huts to beautiful barbecue areas. The new freedom to mingle in gardens means that we can enjoy holiday-like vibes in our own surroundings – and at a much lower cost than going to public venues.


People are being more creative about where and how to grow their own food too. No matter what your available outdoor space, you can easily get involved with the grow-your-own trend. Stylish planters are the perfect way to combine colour and verve, whilst also providing rewarding growing spaces for delicious soft fruits, salad and summer vegetables for the coming season.


Visit www.primus.co.uk for all the latest garden décor trends, ornaments and sculptures.