The home office may be the epitome of the perfect idea in theory, but not necessarily in practice. That’s because, all too often, the home office becomes the dumping ground for the entire household. Where else would we hide the birthday presents? Or store the flat-pack furniture we promised we’d get around to building?

Unfortunately, the answer always seems to be the home office.

Far from becoming the hub of your productivity, the home office can quickly become an assault course just to get to the desk, never mind turning on the computer. This can easily make it off-putting to work, and you soon find yourself back on the sofa, laptop in hand.

Getting things done – the key to productivity

One of the first steps in becoming productive and getting things done is to clear out the clutter in your home office.

The best way to approach this is by clearing it out of all but the essential business tools – a chair, a desk, a computer, a printer, and maybe a radio or smart speaker. The problem many people then face is how to deal with all of the stuff that was previously housed there, beyond just throwing it away or donating bits and bobs.

The price of hiring storage has dropped dramatically over the last few years, and it may surprise you to learn how inexpensive it actually is to store those meaningful belongings safely and securely away from your home.

Think of it this way: if clearing out the clutter from your office can improve your productivity by 20%, it is likely that you could earn 10 times the storage costs. Just imagine what you could do with all that spare cash!

Find things fast

Another benefit of decluttering your home office is that you can and will be able to find things faster. As a teenager, when we were supposed to be doing homework, we all liked nothing better than to procrastinate, spending hours looking for a stapler that we so desperately “needed”. In reality, all we were trying to do was waste time.

The same principle applies to your home office. Time spent searching for a particular item is damaging your productivity.

A neat and tidy office with all of the important items to hand will save you considerable time and empower you to work at your best.

Decluttering your office creates a happier and healthier working environment that increases efficiency and boosts mood.

That’s why we’re taking part in this year’s National Conversation Week: to empower you to find ways to make the most of this new purpose of your home.

The popularity of hybrid working makes it unlikely that our home offices will go anywhere any time soon. It’s therefore important that we make our home somewhere we enjoy spending time – and yes, that means even during the 9-5!

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