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National Conversation Week 2021 is all about the simple, pleasurable, and

rewarding art of simply talking to each other.


We’re very much a society that’s “always on” and, unfortunately, the art of human conversation is becoming lost in a sea of emojis, swiping right (ask your single friends), chatbots, and dwindling attention spans.


Whether it’s keeping in touch with friends, updating a colleague at work, or
trying to find the best insurance deal, most of us are guilty of hiding behind a
screen to send a quick text, fire off an email, post a social media message or
search online rather than taking the take the time to speak with somebody.


That’s why we’re encouraging everyone in the UK to spend the week trying a
little bit harder to engage with those around them be they a friend, family
member, colleague, or customer. We’re not asking you to throw away your phone and we’re not trying to send the UK back to the 90s (although arguably the music was better!).


We simply want everyone to talk more and this year we want to explore one of
the nation’s favourite things to talk about…our homes. Specifically, we’ll be
exploring how what we think about our homes has changed since the start of
the COVID-19 pandemic.


Over the past 5 years that we‘ve been championing more
chatting, National Conversation Week has encouraged
conversation about topics that need to be discussed, including
mental health and financial wellbeing.

Since March 2020, we’ve all spent a lot more time at home and for
many our homes have become so much more than somewhere to
live. They’ve become our office, classroom, and social hub…with
some of us even building gin bars at the bottom of the garden.

What’s more, for many, staying home has had a positive effect on
the amount of money banked and it looks like their homes are set
to be the main beneficiary, as households look to splash the cash
on home improvements in 2021.

Throughout the week, we’ll be exploring how the last year has
impacted the nation’s homes, the reasons some people are
looking to change their living situation, highlighting the latest
thoughts on the ‘ideal home’ as well as offering top tips on how
to protect properties properly.

We’ll also be inviting businesses, charities, and individuals to
discuss their thoughts and tell us why they think ‘the home’ is
2021’s hottest topic.


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