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National Conversation Week is all about the simple, pleasurable, and

rewarding art of simply talking to each other.


We’re very much a society that’s “always on” and, unfortunately, the art of human conversation is becoming lost in a sea of emojis, swiping right (ask your single friends), chatbots, and dwindling attention spans.


Whether it’s keeping in touch with friends, updating a colleague at work, or

 trying to find the best insurance deal, most of us are guilty of hiding behind a

 screen to send a quick text, fire off an email, post a social media message or

 search online rather than taking the take the time to speak with somebody.


That’s why we’re encouraging everyone in the UK to spend the week trying a

 little bit harder to engage with those around them be they a friend, family

 member, colleague, or customer.


We simply want everyone to talk more! And this year National Conversation Week will be focused on the inquisitive side of conversation, the one that helps us gain an understanding of the world around us – asking questions. During the week and beyond, we want you to feel liberated to ask whatever questions you want!



Asking questions is incredibly important, as questions help us to develop deeper knowledge and boost confidence, the exchange of ideas, fuels innovation as well expanding the human connection. It can give you a whole new perspective!


However, whether it’s concerns over wasting someone’s time, admitting they don’t understand, worries about make a fool of themselves or a general lack of self-assurance – for some people, or in some situations asking questions is a total no-go. Instead, it is often easier to keep up the appearance that we know the answer, by smiling nodding and bluffing. The downside to this is that we can end up missing the opportunity to find out something new or walk away without the understanding we need.


Whether its questions about our health, our finances, politics, or any other subject, we think people should ask more questions – and most importantly, we should tackle the widespread fear around asking what they deem to be ‘silly questions’.


So, next time there’s a question on the tip of your tongue, go ahead and ask it. Get all those questions asked from how to save money from to asking your crush if they’d like to go for coffee… or even just ask something totally redonkulous because you know it’ll make someone laugh and spark a conversation.


After all, if you don’t ask, you’ll never know where it might take you.



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